Functions of the Board in the complaint process

There are three stages to the complaint process which is overseen by the Board:

Complaint reception and review 

If the complaint does not fall within the Board's jurisdiction, the complainant will be advised accordingly. If the complaint does fall within it's jurisdiction, the Board must first attempt to resolve the subject matter of the complaint by conciliation between the parties concerned. The Board may also initiate an investigation into the complaint. In the case of a complaint lodged by the Surveyor-General, the Board is obliged to investigate.

Complaint investigation

The Board may appoint a suitable person who has the authority to question anyone able to provide information that may be relevant to the matter. Any relevant records may be requested for inspection and copying. During the investigation, no information concerning the complaint will be disclosed. At the conclusion of the investigation, if the Board is satisfied that the complaint has been proven and there is a case to answer, then it will be referred to the District Court.

If there is insufficient evidence that a violation has occurred, the complaint process will be completed and the subject surveyor and complainant will be notified.

District Court referral

After lodgement of a complaint, the District Court may conduct a hearing to determine whether disciplinary action should be taken. As a result of the hearing, the District Court may:

  • reprimand the surveyor
  • impose a fine
  • impose conditions on the surveyor's licence or registration
  • suspend the surveyor's licence or registration for a period of time
  • cancel the surveyor's licence or registration
  • disqualify the surveyor from being licensed or registered for a set time period or until certain conditions have been met.

If a surveyor's licence or registration is suspended, cancelled or disqualified, they must return their licence or certificate to the Board Registrar.

The Board is required to keep a record of all complaints and investigations made against licensed or registered surveyors, and to supply statistics related to these matters in the annual report provided to the Minister.