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The Institution of Surveyors Australia, South Australia Division Incorporated is the statutory organisation under the Survey Act 1992 to carry out the licensing, registration and training of graduates and any other obligations of the Division. The necessity for the Division to maintain members is to elect members to the Surveyors Board of South Australia to carry out these statutory functions and to act as the management committee of the Division.

Membership and qualifications
There are two classes of membership: Members and Emeritus Surveyors.

Members must be licensed or registered as a surveyor pursuant to the Survey Act 1992.

An Emeritus Surveyor shall have been a long standing member of the Division or a former member of the Division of Seniority or service to the Division. An Emeritus Surveyor is an honorary class of membership and shall not be a Member.

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Proposals for Admission
A proposal for admission as a member class except an Emeritus Surveyor shall be in accordance with a prescribed form in which the applicant’s signature name, postal address, qualifications or registration under the Survey Act 1992 shall be stated and which shall contain an undertaking by the candidate if and when admitted to conform with the Rules of the Division.

A proposal for admission as a Member of the Division shall be sent in the first instance to the Registrar. The suitability of a candidate for admission into the class of Member shall be determined by the Board following consideration of any recommendation made thereon by the Registrar. When an applicant is admitted the applicant shall be notified by the Registrar and his or her name shall be enrolled on the Membership List of the Division.