How to make a complaint

Any person may lodge a complaint with the Board against a Licensed or Registered Surveyor. It is advisable to first contact the Registrar, with whom you will be able to discuss the nature of your complaint and the complaints procedure. With any complaint it is important to provide evidence to substantiate the complaint. A complaint form is available for this purpose.

Click here to download a Complaint Form

Amongst other details contained within the complaint form, you will be requested to:

  • provide the name of the Licensed or Registered Surveyor against whom you wish to file the complaint
  • describe the main issues of the complaint and what has been done to attempt to resolve the problem.

Upon receipt of the completed complaint form, your complaint will be acknowledged and become an item of business for discussion at the next Board meeting.

Please be aware that your complaint as received will be forwarded to the subject surveyor for a response.

Complaints of victimisation by a Licensed or Registered Surveyor can be made to the Equal Opportunity Commission.

Victimisation is treating people badly or unfairly for complaining, or helping others to complain. It includes penalising a person or retaliating against them in any way for making allegations against a surveyor to the Institution of Surveyors (the Board).

If someone feels they are treated badly as a result of complaining, that person can make a further complaint to the Commission.

Call the Equal Opportunity Commission on 8207 1977, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.