Find a Licensed Surveyor

There are a number of sources that can provide you with information and contact details for individual Licensed Surveyors, however, The Board cannot recommend or provide contact details for individual Licensed Surveyors.

Sources of information include:

The Yellow Pages - search under the listing "Surveyors - Land" ( Note that not all surveyors included under this listing are Licensed Surveyors).

The Online Yellow Pages.

The Spatial Industries Business Association (SIBA).

The Register

The Board is required to maintain a register containing lists of Licensed and Registered Surveyors.

To check if a surveyor is licensed or registered in South Australia, a published version of the Register is made available annually in the South Australian Government Gazette.

Amendments to the Register made in between published versions in the Gazette are available from the The Surveyors Board Registrar.

Click here to access the Register