Cadastral Surveying and the Surveying profession

Surveying has historically been defined as the science and art of making measurements of natural and man-made features of the Earth, and then representing those features on a map or plan.

Cadastral surveying is a branch of the surveying profession that is concerned with land management, and more specifically with issues of land ownership, measurement and delineation of property boundaries.

Cadastral surveys are usually performed for the re-establishment of existing property boundaries or for the creation of new property boundaries in the land division process. In South Australia, only licensed surveyors can undertake a boundary survey or place a survey mark that defines a property boundary.

There are other branches of the surveying profession, which include aerial, engineering, geodetic, hydrographic and mine surveying.  Seeking registration in any of these categories requires the endorsement of the Board.

The registration process includes:

  • attainment of the required educational qualifications
  • the satisfactory completion of training
  • the successful undertaking of a prescribed project by the candidate.

When the process is completed, successful candidates can then use the title of Registered Surveyor.