Board Membership and Meetings

The Board consists of seven members and comprises the following office bearers:

  • Chairman
  • Treasurer
  • two Committee Members
  • a person teaching surveying at an institution of tertiary education, appointed by the Board
  • the person elected to the regional committee of the Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute (SSSI) by members of the Land Surveying Commission (LSC), or the nominee of that person (ex-officio)
  • the Surveyor-General (ex-officio).

The Board elects the Chairman and Treasurer from
its members.

The tenure for Board membership is 2 years, with nominations for half of the Board members called every 12 months following the end of the financial year.

The Board meetings are generally held on the 3rd Thursday of each month (with the exception of January) at 5.30pm in the Division Office at Level 7 West 50 Grenfell Street, Adelaide.


The 2017-2018 Board members

Back row left to right:
Michael Liebelt, Michael Nietschke, Scott Allen, Ruhi Afnan,
Michael Burdett (Surveyor-General),
Mark Williams (Treasurer).

Front row left to right;
Joe (Giuseppe) D’Aloia (Chair),
Sharon Medlow Smith (Registrar).