Background of the Surveyors Board

The Survey Act 1992 forms the cornerstone for the regulation of the surveying profession in South Australia. It's introduction established a framework that involves a sharing of the regulatory responsibilities between both industry and government.

The Act gives the Institution of Surveyors, SA Division Inc (the Division) the statutory responsibility for controlling the training and conduct of licensed and registered surveyors in this State. The Surveyors Board of South Australia was established as a special sub-committee of the Division and performs the functions as prescribed under the Act.

The South Australian Government, through the Minister and the Surveyor-General, is responsible for the issuing, monitoring and policing of survey practice standards. The Division is organised in accordance with its Rules which are written and accepted by the membership, and enable it to perform its functions under the Act.

The Division has also developed a Code of Ethics for all its members to follow.