About Complaints

Complaints against surveyors may come from the general public or the Surveyor-General, and the Board has a responsibility to administrate those complaints.

It is important to note that the Board can only respond to complaints made against Licensed or Registered Surveyors. To check if a surveyor is licensed or registered to practice in South Australia a published version of the Register is made available annually in the South Australian Government Gazette.

Click here to check the Register of Surveyors

The Board can only investigate issues related to unprofessional conduct. These may include complaints related to possible non-compliance with relevant legislation or alleged improper or incompetent conduct.

The Board has no jurisdiction over fees charged or other commercial/contractual arrangements made between surveyors and clients. These matters can be complex in nature and may be resolved through other legal processes including civil action.

The complaint process may be protracted, and sometimes may involve lengthy investigations and possible disciplinary hearings.